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It seems most people are adhering to the 2m separation requirement as set out by the government.

My local big Tesco store has implemented this also, there is one way in and one way out, and now they have put arrows on the floor to make the flow of people one way and staff are watching to maintain the 2m rule which is great.

Also they have fitted plastic screens to all checkouts but not the scan and shop or self-service lol. (Only where humans are)

So to summarize one way in one way out, only so many customers allowed at any one time, plastic shields to protect checkout operators. 2 m lines on the floors to show the public where to stand or rather not to stand and the arrows in the shopping isles to make everything one way Great.

My only concern whilst shopping yesterday at Tesco, was the fact that the staff members…not all but I would say ‘most‘ did not abide by the rules and, one member of staff came right up to me well within the 2m requirement to insist that I stayed behind...

Is this for real

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The Chinese conspiracy theories rumoured that COVID-19 is some kind of US military bioweapon and suggested that the US Army brought the epidemic to Wuhan!
Is there such things as bioweapon’s today!
Washington complained at the unfounded allegations.

Maybe we could ask this guy…..
Dr. Richard H. Ebright, a molecular biologist and (bioweapons expert) at Rutgers University USA.
A "bioweapons expert" it's like something out of Dr No.


Nearly 30% percent of Americans believe the virus was created in a lab.
But one in five British adults think that Covid-19 originated in a laboratory in China, according to a recent survey. But…

Almost a third of UK primary pupils think cheese is made from plants.
A quarter think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs.
Nearly one in 10 secondary pupils thinks tomatoes grow under ground.
A third believes bread and pasta were made from meat.
19% did not realise that potatoes grew underground, with 10% thinking they grew on...

A letter in the post

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is writing to every UK household to urge Brits to stay home in fight against coronavirus (Covid-19)
At a cost of £5.8 million letters will land on 30 million doorsteps along with a leaflet spelling out the Government's advice after much public confusion.
This seems a waste of time and money.....Covid-19 is the only item on the news nowadays, why bother with the letters, save the money and more to the point the trees!!!
30 million letters works out approx to be 60,000 packs of printer paper not mention the envelope , the energy to print, the ink and all the fuel in moving mail and paper to printing to sum it up.
30,000,000 leters plus envelope.
That's 60,000 packs of printer paper.
Weighting 780 ton so double the paper weight to allow for the envelope and the included probably colour flyer so 1560 ton in all.
Just to move the above would take 50 or so artic trucks, thats...


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Dyson a vacuum cleaner company and a defence company Babcock are planning to reveal a totally new ventilator to the UK market place.

Another group set up known as “Ventilator Challenge UK”.
The group involving Airbus, Ford and Rolls-Royce and a few others….. unless the Rolls-Royce input is from the aero engine company, I can’t see where the UK bit comes in.

Even still you’re not going to make a ventilator from a vacuum cleaner, an aeroplane or its engines, so factories will need to re-tool and have all the necessary dies moulds etc..... to mass produce the various parts to make a humble ventilator…which takes time! Which we are running out of.

I would hate to think knowing the cost of so many Dyson products like £300 for a hair dryer!!

How much these new ventilators would cost and in reality when would the first ventilator hit the NHS.
With a price tag between £5,000 to £25,000 no wonder these companies are on the race to supply.

We are moving more into the 5g network with...