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  1. KevB

    Is this for real

    It is really scary to think that this practice is going on, but it’s the tip of the iceberg. Most countries also have chemical weapons and I guess the brits to. Iraq is reportedly working on chemical warheads for ballistic missiles, It seems there is a doomsday around the corner whichever way...
  2. KevB


    Yes I agree, it seems nuts to do this but maybe there is not enough tea in China ‘opps’ I mean Ventilators
  3. KevB

    A letter in the post

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is writing to every UK household to urge Brits to stay home in fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) At a cost of £5.8 million letters will land on 30 million doorsteps along with a leaflet spelling out the Government's advice after much public confusion. STOP STOP...