Kevin Shettle

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It seems most people are adhering to the 2m separation requirement as set out by the government.

My local big Tesco store has implemented this also, there is one way in and one way out, and now they have put arrows on the floor to make the flow of people one way and staff are watching to maintain the 2m rule which is great.

Also they have fitted plastic screens to all checkouts but not the scan and shop or self-service lol. (Only where humans are)

So to summarize one way in one way out, only so many customers allowed at any one time, plastic shields to protect checkout operators. 2 m lines on the floors to show the public where to stand or rather not to stand and the arrows in the shopping isles to make everything one way Great.

My only concern whilst shopping yesterday at Tesco, was the fact that the staff members…not all but I would say ‘most‘ did not abide by the rules and, one member of staff came right up to me well within the 2m requirement to insist that I stayed behind the line…. I did as instructed to do, whilst standing there behind the line on the floor I found myself just looking around and generally the staff where chatting to each other and didn’t seem bothered about the social distancing at all.

I do feel that Tesco should insist that their staff also socially distance them shelves from each other and the customers….otherwise what is the point.

I do take it on board that anything to stop the spread of covid-19 must be carried out to the upmost level.

I don’t see what by wiping the handle with a wet wipe actually achieves much.

Probably the best way for super markets to help stop the spread of covid-19 and considering that most of us at the moment are only going to the shops for food…not many other places are open, so if covid-19 is still on the up then maybe the person to person spread from surface contact within the supermarkets is a real problem and maybe an answer would be to have a trolley and basket wash each time one is used and get all customers and staff to wash their hands properly when going in to the store and have signs up “Do not touch your face eyes mouth until you are out of the store” etc. and have the staff watching, and when you get spotted picking your noise or anything else for that matter you will be sent back with your hands in loose plastic protective bags supplied by staff until you go back to the hand wash station without touching anything.

I feel at the moment that the only place of risk for me to be infected with covid-19 is my local supermarket!Tesco T.jpg