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Dyson a vacuum cleaner company and a defence company Babcock are planning to reveal a totally new ventilator to the UK market place.

Another group set up known as “Ventilator Challenge UK”.
The group involving Airbus, Ford and Rolls-Royce and a few others….. unless the Rolls-Royce input is from the aero engine company, I can’t see where the UK bit comes in.

Even still you’re not going to make a ventilator from a vacuum cleaner, an aeroplane or its engines, so factories will need to re-tool and have all the necessary dies moulds etc..... to mass produce the various parts to make a humble ventilator…which takes time! Which we are running out of.

I would hate to think knowing the cost of so many Dyson products like £300 for a hair dryer!!

How much these new ventilators would cost and in reality when would the first ventilator hit the NHS.
With a price tag between £5,000 to £25,000 no wonder these companies are on the race to supply.

We are moving more into the 5g network with HUAWEI supplying the equipment yes from China....so why not get the Chinese to build ventilators, like they build almost every thing else? I guess for a fraction of the cost.


Yes I agree, it seems nuts to do this but maybe there is not enough tea in China ‘opps’ I mean Ventilators
I think the US has pipped us here......New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he has ordered 17,000 ventilators from China, costing around $25,000 (£20,000) each.
Wow £20,000 per unit, what would the material cost be at a guess about £100 if that!
So 17,000 would cost £340,000,000
Even in times of human suffering on a global level people are still ripping the 'back end' out of others.